Please contact Eternal Therapies directly for pricing details. 

Eternal Comfort Full Body Massage (available as 1 hour or 90 minutes session only)

Massage supports many different benefits: pure relaxation, improvement of blood circulation, lymph drainage, joint mobility and much more. Our Swedish massage techniques are all applied to the back, shoulders, legs, arms with a finishing massage to the decolletage (neck area).

Pure- Cleanse Facial (available as 1 hour, 45 minutes or 30 minutes sessions)

Facials are a fantastically relaxing way to purify the skin by removing the everyday stresses such as make up & the endless series of lotions and potions. Enjoy the beautiful scent of our Herbfarmacy organic skincare products, naturally sourced in our home county of Herefordshire. Indulge your skin in a deep cleanse, exfoliation & Marshmallow beauty balm mask to replenish your skin. A massage is then applied to the decolletage, shoulders & neck & a nourishing cream applied.

Luxury Manicure or Pedicure (available as 1 hour, 45 minutes sessions)

A chance to tidy up tired looking hands or feet. The natural nails are shaped, cuticles corrected & tidied, hard skin filed and a glorious Herbfarmacy scrub applied to exfoliate. This is followed by a replenishing balm to moisturise, a luxurious oil massage to the feet and lower legs & a polish of your choice applied to the nails to finish.

(Please note: if you are planning to visit the hot tub or sauna following your manicure or pedicure it is recommended that you do not have polish applied as the temperature will cause the polish to bubble.

Express Manicure or Pedicure (available as 30 minutes session only)

An express version of our luxury manicure or pedicure excluding the replenishing balm & lower leg treatments but just as much relaxation & enjoyment involved! 

Reflexology (available as 1 hour session only)

Traditionally a Chinese method of ‘healing’ using pressure points in the feet. This is not a cure for any conditions but can be used as a method to relieve symptoms & re-balance the body.

Eternal Comfort Back, Shoulder & Scalp Massage (available as 45 minutes session)

Using our Swedish massage techniques to relax those points of tension in your neck & shoulders & use of pressure to relive tension in the scalp & nape of the neck.

Skin Smoothing Body Scrub (available as 1 hour, 45 minutes or 30 minutes session)

Indulge in luxury & enjoy the sensation of light massage using beautiful jojoba beads to gently exfoliate the skin & reveal gloriously smooth & moisturised skin.

Eternal Comfort Back & Shoulder Massage (available as 30 minutes session)

Using our Swedish massage techniques to relax those points of tension in your neck & shoulders. 

Eternal Face, Neck & Scalp Massage (available as a 30 minutes session)

Enjoy 30 minutes of comforting massage applied to the nape of the neck, scalp & facial muscles using Herbfarmacys sensational, organic Rose facial oil.

Purifying Back Facial (available as 30 minutes or 45 minutes session)

A deep cleansing treatment which feels gloriously like a massage for the back and shoulders but with the cleansing power of a facial. Hot mitts to open up the pores, cleanse and exfoliating mask finished with rejuvenating oils to hydrate your skin.

Fancy Foot Facial (available as a 30-minute session)

A treat for your feet! A hot mitt treatment with a full cleanse and exfoliation to give your feet a well deserved treat. Similar to our pedicure but finishing the treatment with a hydrating cuticle oil to give your nails a healthy, glossy shine.